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 In our studios, we have taught hundreds of couples how to dance for their Wedding and can show you how to look great, feel confident and comfortable on your special day. Looking elegant on the dance floor just takes time and practice, which is why all couples have some wedding dance lessons leading up to their big day. Our friendly, experienced instructors can teach you to dance to any song, and in any style! Don’t leave it until the last minute! Trust in our experience since 1964, and leave the rest up to us. We truly look forward to meeting you both.


Congratulations To You Both!

Your wedding is coming up and now it’s time to think about your First Dance. Whether you’d like a simple, more traditional dance or a fun and upbeat routine, our teachers are experts in all levels from beginners to advanced and we can teach you to dance in any style that you envision! The goal is to look and feel great, with the confidence to truly enjoy your First Dance together.


Why Wedding Dance Lessons?

Looking and feeling comfortable on the dance floor just takes time and practice, which is why most couples will have some wedding dance lessons before their big day. The aim is to look smooth and natural in your dancing, without needing to think about the actual “dance steps”. Being prepared will give you the confidence to truly shine! That’s where we come in.


What We Suggest

Come in at least 5 to 6 months before the wedding so you have time to learn at your own pace, with no stress. Try not to leave it until the very last minute – although we can help there too! For many couples, things can get quite hectic in the months just before the wedding, so it’s best to start lessons early enough to relax and enjoy this amazing experience. FAQ below.


At a Glance


Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry, we’re here every step of the way! We understand that for many couples, their wedding dance may be their first time ‘dancing’ together. Our teachers will make you feel super comfortable, and we’ll have you dancing from your very first lesson.

  • Easy, fun, quality wedding dance lessons

  • Private, 45 minute lessons

  • All dance styles, beginners to advanced

  • Friendly & experienced instructors

  • Relaxed studio environment

  • Special dance highlights and signature moves

  • Capture your First Dance in photography and videography

  • Options to include bridal party, father-daughter, mix songs

  • Music editing, video progress included +more

Come in for your first free dance lesson and feel the difference! Trust in our experience since 1964, and leave the rest up to us.

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Private wedding dance lessons are 45 mins duration | Prices start from $65 per lesson and valid for either (1) or (2) people | Bookings by appointment call 0401890388 to book | Lessons must be prepaid before being booked with an instructor | Please give 24 hrs notice to cancel a booking or risk full lesson charge | All private lesson packages have no expiry date | There are no refunds on any packages but lessons may be transferable upon enquiry | All services are subject to the studio Terms & Policies.

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