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Dance Teachers Wanted – Adelaide

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Kelly Dance Studios are looking for dance teachers to add to our growing team! We’re seeking dance instructors who can teach both private lessons and group classes in the following styles:

  • Latin & Ballroom (syllabus based)
  • Social Latin: Salsa, Bachata
  • Hip Hop & Street: Hip Hop, Heels, Funk, Commercial, Jazz

We’re looking for teachers for our city studio next to Rundle Mall, as well as recruiting for our second, new studio opening in 2019.

Our Mission

The Kelly Dance Studios are social dance studios providing quality dance instruction for adults from 16 years to 60 and over. Our studios offer both group classes and private dance lessons from absolute beginners to advanced levels, and we pride ourselves on being in the dance industry since 1964. To see our History, please click here.

As a social dance studio, we cater to students from all walks of life and as such, we offer a variety of dance styles including Latin & Ballroom, Hip Hop, Club & Street styles. Our role and responsibility as teachers is to provide quality dance instruction in a supportive, fun and professional environment – no matter our students’ age, ability or background. There are many reasons why people choose to learn to dance, and we aim to provide each and every student with the opportunity to achieve, surpass and fulfill their dancing goals and dreams. We do this through experience, a commitment to quality and innovation – together with the right people who are dedicated and passionate about our industry.

Positions Available

Casual & Part time available. Positions will vary per candidate including hours, classes, rates as under the Fitness Industry Award.


Why Join us

  • The atmosphere: fun, social, friendly – our job is to make people smile and enjoy themselves as well as learning to dance
  • Keep fit, healthy and practice your dancing passion
  • Attractive career prospects
  • Long-term career and business opportunities for the right people
  • Opportunity to learn, develop &/or train in other styles
  • Flexible hours & scheduling (On weekdays, we are open from 12pm – 10pm but typically, classes run after 4pm)
  • Casual and part-time roles available to the right candidates


Your Role

  • Planning classes/lessons eg. Choreography, warm-ups, music etc.
  • Teaching group classes and/or private dance lessons
  • Building rapport with students and catering to their personal development
  • Taking an active part in a variety of studio activities including: training, business development and growth, personal learning & development, staff meetings, studio promotion, parties, events, performances, workshops and more.
  • Being friendly to all people who enter the dance studio!
  • Reliable, dependable and professional at all times

Teachers experience and dance qualifications will determine hourly rate as under the Fitness Industry Award.




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That’s it! Please note that follow-up contact from us will be made via phone followed by a preliminary interview. You are not required to do anything else! Follow-ups are prioritized by order of date the application was received.