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Bachata Dance Classes

New class Registrations are now open! Beginners welcome.

Bachata is a fun and easy to learn partnered latin dance in a 4 beat rhythm. It is popular world-wide and there are a few different styling, foundation and hold variations. In our classes you will learn the most widely danced social Bachata steps (fusion of the most popular styles) and our experienced instructors will have you dancing from your very first class with us! We teach through both Private Lessons and Group Classes, and you can come as an individual or with a partner. No previous dance experience? No worries! Get started by booking a free intro private lesson or join one of our regular 8 week dance courses.



What To Expect

  • Learn to dance Bachata
  • Beginners to advanced
  • Professional instructors
  • Private Lessons and/or Group Classes
  • Popular Bachata dance steps
  • No experience necessary
  • No partner required
  • Adult classes 16+
  • Top CBD location
  • Non-competitive
  • Supportive environment
  • Performance opportunities
  • Wear any comfortable clothing & shoes
  • Fun Parties & Events


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Private Lessons vs. Group Classes?


Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are tailored to your specific needs and each lesson is planned with your goals in mind. This makes them the fastest and most efficient way to learn or improve your dancing. You’ll work with a teacher 1-on-1 and bookings are flexible and can be scheduled any days and times to suit you. Receive a personalised program to reach your dance goals, and come individually or with a partner! Book a free private lesson on us.


Bachata Classes

Group classes are a fun and social way to learn Bachata. Our classes have set difficulty levels 1-3 which cater for beginners to advanced. Courses are 8 weeks duration and each course has a specific number of steps, combinations and patterns that are taught. Classes have less individual attention, and more repetition of steps as you’ll rotate through the class and dance with different partners. For Dates, Pricing and Enrolments go to:


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