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Argentine Tango

(Beginner Courses)



Argentine Tango is a partner dance that developed over the last century in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. It is very different from the Tango in International and American ballroom dancing. Argentine Tango is an interpretive, improvisational social dance that allows the dancers to develop a deep connection between themselves, the music, and the environment in which they are dancing.

There are several styles of Argentine Tangs – this course is based on the Salon Tango style.

Salon Tango is suited for dancing on larger dance floors, dance halls and ballrooms as the open embrace and upright position require more space than the close embrace and short steps of milonguero style Tango.

The relatively open embrace (or changing embrace) of Salon Tango, together with the added space between dancers in larger halls provides opportunities for moves such as sacadas (leg thrusts), ganchos (leg hooks), barridas (foot drags) and boleos (sweeps).



Our courses focus on steps for absolute beginners – perfect if you are new to dancing or have always wanted to learn the Argentine Tango! Rather than having a basic step, Argentine Tango is an improvised dance which combines a set of elements in a spontaneous manner, such as turns, figure eights, walks, leg hooks, and breaks.

Fun and easy tango classes for complete beginners!! You’ve seen the movies, you’ve heard the music, now it’s your turn to dance. No partner necessary, join in the class now.

Class: Argentine Tango
Level: Beginners
Duration: 8 week course
Cost: $129









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