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5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Winter


 We all handle the cold months differently, with some being less affected than others. One things everyone has in common? Less daylight and colder weather means that everyone will, to some degree have less motivation to get that body moving!


 So just how do you stay motivated in the winter when all you want to do is hibernate?
Here are 5 easy ways to combat the elements and come out on top. (Ps. If you get started now, you’ll be just in time for a better you in Spring!)


1. Be Prepared

Get your body and mind as ready as possible so you don’t bail in the last minute before a scheduled work out, run or even a dance class.


Get your gear ready the night before if you plan on hitting the gym in the morning or pack your dance shoes and your favorite flowy top with you if you’re heading to a Latin class straight from work.

The more you are prepared, the higher the chance that you will go through with the activity – and feel so much better for it afterwards!



2. Set Goals (and take Selfies or Before/After Videos)

Depending on which activity you choose to do, make sure you have some way of looking back in a few weeks to see some visible results!

Nothing screams ‘motivation’ like a visible achievement (which usually teams up with a boost in self-esteem and improved health too).

This satisfaction can come from taking a selfie of your progress every week if you are doing some kind of 30 Day Challenge, or a short video every 2 – 3 weeks of your dance progress from your favorite class.

In addition, set a goal of how often and how much of your chosen activity you will do. Aim realistically, so 3 times a week would be a perfect start.

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3. Switch Things Up

Too much of a good thing can get old pretty quickly, especially during those winter months where you find yourself just a little bit more impatient.

Once you lose interest or get bored, it’s actually more difficult to start up again because you have to go through the process of convincing yourself to start all over again.

The solution?

Keep your body and mind guessing – switch things up!

Try a mix of activities that include some cardio and weight training, some co-ordination and partner activities, or something where you can just let loose! Aim for one main activity like Dancing – done twice a week with 2 styles of classes and one secondary activity like Strength training exercises – done once or twice a week.



4. Get a New Outfit / Shoes

New workout gear is a great motivator!

You’ll be excited to use it, and sometimes that’s all it takes. Just one new top or pair of new shoes will get you out of the house and into your chosen activity.



5. Tell Your Friends About It – Make It A Group Thing!

You don’t have to do it alone.

We all know that self-motivation is harder than motivating a friend.

Dance or Fitness classes are all the rage because of that exact reason. All the people in the class are after the same thing, working out while having someone else coming up with the structure of the class, providing the awesome music and being your overall motivation to get you through that 50 minutes.

So grab a friend or two and get started.

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Over to YOU! How do you stay motivated to workout during the colder months? Do you have a favorite group fitness class? Share below.